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an introduction to the spiderweb

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

hello, friends! so you've finally made it all the way to the blog section of this dense, library-like website of mine. i commend you for that.

if you haven't already perused these shelves until your clothes have gone dusty - allow me to introduce or re-introduce myself. my name is dorian, i'm 19, and i am an artist (in the most general sense). i like to paint with words, i like to write with colour - i consider all of this, and the world itself, to be limitless. like a grand spider reclining on the staccato rhythms of his own web, i like to connect up all my experiences and summarise them into something emotionally & aesthetically digestible.

what this blog will be is a rather open question. it will be a lot of things. i am always 'in dire need of a sweet treat' (my friends, 2023), so i will be providing the general public with a good deal of food reviews. i likely won't be directly posting art or poetry on here (you can find that under my relevant website subheadings) but i will provide you with the 'behind-the-scenes-madness' of it all. i may also produce some intermittent opinion pieces, but they will never be about anything too serious. think 'why i hate the sticky sweatiness of the summertime' or 'how many spoons of sugar are morally right to put in tea' - angry and passionate, but never too controversial (at least... i don't think they will be).

in terms of where i'm at right now (these details are correct as of 22/11/23), i'm working on some linework (and perhaps tattoo-like illustration) to take a break from painted perfection. i've been diving deep into the world of poetry (and hopefully back into a consistent reading schedule) - and would be very happy to share some inspiration i've encountered in the writing process. i'm also working on a couple of articles and my very own arts magazine ('antler velvet') so there will be a little bit about that as well.



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