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about us.


The Rifle: Antler Velvet is an indie online arts magazine welcoming poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art! We embrace creative works of all kinds without rigid submission guidelines. Our key focus is on fostering a place of expression, new ideas and unique ways of looking.


The Hunter: Our founder & editor-in-chief, Dorian Winter, is a local artist & poet from Western Australia, who knows just how important it is for young creatives to get their art out into the world and noticed. The first publication is always the most daunting one - trust me!

You can find more of Dorian here:







The Forest: Right now, Antler Velvet is an online publication with 4 editions per year. We hope to expand to the print realm in the future.

The Letter:

1. Set your eyes on the edition's prompt. 

2. Now the art begins - write poetry, work of fiction (and nonfiction) or art (audio/visual).

3. Submit your work!

4. Wait a little while for the editorial team to put it all together.

5. Your dinner is served - enjoy the art of the newly-out edition.

6. The cycle begins once again.

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