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the yearling edition: prompt 'seraphim'

SERAPHIM: an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardour, and purity.

✥ SERAPHIC EMBRACES ✥ to cherish and intertwine, unveiling the essence of celestial love before shaping it into an ethereal form ✥ THERE IS NO LIMIT TO ASCENSION ✥ embracing the old barriers, birthing the sublime, a perpetual dance of connection in the seraphic realm ✥ CELESTIAL UNION ✥ an eternal intertwining of hearts and wings, intertwined with the spirit of seraphic devotion ✥ in the act of seraphic embrace, the seraphim's existence is already immersed ✥ LOVE IS ALREADY HERE ✥ embrace, embrace, embrace ✥ cupid asks you, is love still left? ✥ are you still connected? ✥ THE ANGELS ARE WATCHING ✥ YOU ARE PROTECTED ✥ DO NOT LOOK AWAY

Submissions open 31st January AWST and close 31st March AWST.

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how do i submit my work?

click me ^

To submit your work, click on the teacup above to fill out a Google Form where you can upload your work & give us an artist statement to include :) If the form is not working, please email, and also ask any burning questions you have!

We're into poetry, flash fiction, nonfiction, art, video —pretty much anything creative. Our editions are on the smaller side, with 25-35 pieces of content total. Poetry entries tend to be highly competitive, so make sure to send us your best work!

With these rules in mind you may:

- Upload up to 5 poems (please include them all in one document)

- Upload up to 2 essays up to 2000 words (can be academic or stream-of-consciousness)

- Upload up to 2 fiction pieces under 1000 words

- Upload up to 5 artworks of any medium (including painting, digital art, films, photography)

Updates as of 16/12/23 - Audiovisual Highlights:

- Antler Velvet has decided to make a distinction between static and time-based works (such as multimedia films). 

- If you would like to submit a film, there will be stills & a QR code featured in the magazine, but we will upload the full film on a separate portion of the website (under construction). Please email us for more information.

Updates as of 17/4/24 - Submission Periods:

- Due to a surge in popularity, AV will only have submissions open for a month for each edition. This is to ensure enough curation and formatting time provided to our small team of editors!

Antler Velvet publishes 4 online editions per year:

- The Fawn Edition: January 31st (Submissions open from November 15th to December 31st)
- The Yearling Edition: April 30th (Submissions open from January 31st to March 31st)
- The Buck Edition: July 31st (Submissions open from May 31st to June 30th)

- The Doe Edition: October 31st (Submissions open from August 31st to September 30th)

Please note: Submissions close at midnight AWST! Please convert to your timezone to ensure you don't miss the deadline.

All successful creators will be emailed upon the release of the online magazine.

Feel free to submit again if your previous work wasn't the right fit for us. We're cool with simultaneous submissions too, just give us a heads-up if your work finds a home elsewhere. And, of course, no previously published stuff, please.

Looking forward to checking out your awesome work!

Antler Velvet

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