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All of our Job Opportunities & Descriptions:

Job Opportunities at Antler Velvet Magazine:

  1. Social Media Manager:

    • Responsible for managing uploads on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to engage the audience and promote magazine content.

  2. Marketing Staff:

    • Generates campaigns for magazine submissions and releases, contributing to the overall marketing strategy.

  3. Graphic Designer:

    • Determines the aesthetics and moodboards for each edition, ensuring a visually appealing and cohesive design.

  4. Layout Designer:

    • Uses InDesign to format the magazine, determining the layout for a polished and professional presentation.

  5. Illustrator:

    • Creates accompanying artwork for submitted literature, adding a visual dimension to the magazine.

  6. Photographer:

    • Submits suitable photography work to accompany literature submissions, enhancing the visual appeal.

  7. Website Designer:

    • Manages and updates information on the website to provide a seamless online experience for readers.

  8. Poetry Reader:

    • Reviews poetry submissions, writes detailed notes, and contributes to curation decisions for the magazine.

  9. Prose Reader:

    • Reads prose submissions, taking part in the decision-making process for content inclusion.

  10. Visual Arts Editor:

    • Reviews art submissions and collaborates with other editors to ensure a diverse and captivating visual representation.

Application Requirements:

All applicants are required to submit a resume, a portfolio of work, and a personal statement to if interested in any of these positions. You need to provide evidence of experience either in student publications, self-publishing or marketing to be considered for editorial roles. For creative roles, a portfolio alone will be sufficient most of the time. This opportunity provides a chance to contribute creatively to a magazine and gain valuable experience in various aspects of the publishing process.

What does working for Antler Velvet look like?

- 3-5 hours commitment per week (varies depending on role)

- Consistent checking of Instagram group chat to understand magazine deadlines & updates

- Opportunity to request a reference letter from the editor-in-chief (which can be included on your resume)

- Opportunity to have formal volunteer hours tracked and recorded on a spreadsheet (can be helpful for evidence in scholarship/college apps!)

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