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masthead - meet the team

Editor-In-Chief, Founder: 

Dorian Winter 

Bio: Dorian Winter is a 19 year old artist, writer and modern-day dandy. He likes Chet Baker, Japanese gardens, and psychoanalytic literature. His signature accessory is a pain au chocolat. His art & poetry have been published in Pelican Magazine, The Malu Zine, Echo Literary Magazine and The Battering Ram. You can find him sipping on an Old Fashioned at a jazz bar, or more conveniently at 


General Editors:

Minna Ilse Kast

Bio: Minna Ilse Kast is a writer, artist, and dancer. They currently reside in Savannah, GA and work as a journalist and horror writer. Her work can be found through The Savannahian and The Savannah Agenda under the partial name: Kristina Ilse Vetter. Her fiction work can be found through her Substack “kast/press” ( and traditionally published works in The Heartbreak Zine, Dear Diary Zine, PBShrimp Newspaper, and OAK magazine. They enjoy little more than a good walk after a torrential downpour, a crispy beer, and a good ghost story. Their work centers around the language of art and media and its consumption through a darker, macabre lens. 


Undómë Elen

Bio: Undómë Elen (she/her) is a 19-year-old, full-time student and a poetess based in Ontario, Canada, who finds solace in words, her sole companions in a world that has gone astray. She uses a pseudonym because of her weary nature. 

The Brontës and Austen had smitten her early in youth and from childhood fantasies and love for Tolkien’s work has birthed for her a Gmail ID that she cherishes still. Her first publication was in her University’s Symposium. 


Poetry Editors:

Ahmad Morid

Bio:Ahmad Morid (any/all) is a 17-year-old self-taught poet and artist who has been writing since May of last year and drawing/painting since being 7 years old. He has been published more than 15 times including The Malu Zine, Mosaic Lit, Moonbow Magazine etc. His hobbies include journaling, reading, drawing and writing poetry.


Jolie Weilhamer

Bio: Jolie (she/her) is a writer and artist currently living in Indiana as a full-time student. She loves poetry, fiction, and digital art. She is passionate about social justice and mental health advocacy. Jolie frequently creates with inspiration from these topics as well as love and nature. She loves cats, K-pop, and any place that serves coffee.


Leander Saint

Bio: L. Saint is a queer poet and artist currently living in Florida. He is currently a full-time student, but he creates passionately whenever he can find the time. His favorite book is The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, and his favorite poets are Richard Siken and Ada Limón.


Ezra M

Bio: Ezra M is an ambitious and passionate writer and poet currently writing his first novel. He uses his creative voice to express grief as well as hope and often includes religious symbolism, which is reminiscent of his past. He has a constant hunger for knowledge and understanding and seeks these through his art.


Prose Editors:

Diana Brnjić

Bio: Diana Brnjić (she/her) is a 23-year-old Croatian-American artist and writer currently residing in Ohio. From an early age, art and creation allowed her to explore depths too latent to unearth in another manner. Her work often explores the anguish contained within ourselves, navigating the shared humanity of pain and discomfort in the collective unconscious. She enjoys the Western genre and springtime.


Bianca Barton

Bio: Bianca Barton (she/they) is a 22-year-old Macedonian-American poet and grant writer living in Columbus, Ohio. They received their BA in creative writing and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from The Ohio State University. A lover of the monstrous and grotesque, she is always peering into the dark to see what she will find.


Visual Arts Editors:


Lachlan Williams

Bio: Lachlan “Lanklongus” Williams (he/him) is an 18-year-old artist navigating the strange world before him. He is well-equipped with a strong passion for visual and literary arts. In addition to this, Lachlan has an eye (or two) for quality, making sure that everything is just right across his work, which includes graphic design, illustration, and keeping cards close to his chest.


Creative and Marketing Team:


Layout Designer:

Isabelle Jones

Bio: Isabelle Jones (she/her) is a multifaceted artist from Columbus, Ohio, specializing in graphic design, printmaking, photography, and multimedia drawing. She had the privilege of completing her BFA in Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art & Design, where she learned the joy of transforming ideas and themes from the past into a meaningful exploration of the present. From a young age, she was primed with a biting thirst for truth and justice–she considers herself a lifelong seeker of knowledge and beauty, and is committing her life to combining the two. 



Laetitia Van Hecke 

Bio: Laetitia Van Hecke (she/her) is a Korean-Belgian artist, writer, and published poet (“Daily Existential Crises, Infinitely Beautiful Spirals'' anthology) currently living in Maryland, USA, as well as a short story editor for the Sonderful Writings magazine. She is a high school senior and enjoys matcha desserts, anything R.F. Kuang or Donna Tartt, Japanese literature and cinema, and collecting pins in her innumerable Pinterest boards. Find her at on Instagram ;)

Social Media Manager:

Melisa Kızılyamaç

Bio: Melisa Kızılyamaç is a Turkish writer, poet and pianist. She is a full-time student studying for university in Mersin, Turkey. She started writing at the age of 11 with a screenplay and never stopped since. She enjoys early mornings and black coffee. You can find her poems and short stories on


Graphic Designer:

Nada El Merdi

Bio: Nada E.M is a 16 year old poet, violinist and also a science nerd. She is Moroccan. She started writing poetry at the age of 14 and she has also written & directed her first play at her school last summer. Briefly, she is a human who admires the beauty and terror behind art. Her socials are: instagram: @nadaaaem & tiktok: @nadaspoetry. 

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